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Note from Ms. Yummy~licious:
While most of the time, fettucine comes in curled up form [like the picture above], sometimes it is packaged in an elongate plastic wrapper like those with spagetti, but the pasta are flater and thicker. You can differentiate it instantly.

Price ranging from RM5-7 per packet.

Note from Wiki:
Fettuccine (literally "little ribbons" in Italian) is a type of pasta popular in Rome. It is a flat, thick noodle made of egg and flour, similar to what is called tagliatelle elsewhere in Italy.
In Italian cuisine, it is traditionally made fresh (either at home or commercially), but dried versions also exist on the market.
A popular fettuccine dish in North America is fettuccine alfredo.


Recipe/s that use/s this item:
Carbonara Fettucine With Bacon Crisp

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